2. How to Asa-banana

How to Asa-banana

Eat only raw bananas for breakfast. Remember to chew it well.

Eat as many bananas you like. Basic principle is to eat bananas.
But, if you don't feel like eating them, eat other kind of fruit.

If you really want to eat something else, wait for 15 (ideally 30) minutes, then you can eat anything.
If you wish to get the effects early, rice is recommended.
If you can't eat rice for some reasons, candy balls will do.

Frozen bananas are not preferable to make it into a habit because they chill your stomach.

If you don't like bananas, try something else.
Some people became fond of bananas after starting this diet, but still there are possibilities that, if you don't like bananas, eating bananas every morning does not suit you.
Let's find another fruit so that you can easily keep on this diet.
If you eat one kind of fruit and chew it well, you can feel the same kind of effect.

We recommend bananas because they are cheap and sweet, there is no need to do the dishes, and therefore it is easier to continue diet.

You must drink WATER. Drink it every once in a while.

When eating a banana in the morning, you should drink room temperature water.
After 15 (preferably 30) minutes, you can drink anything.
(If feel chill, drink ginger tea or something alike to warm yourself from the inside.)

We don't say you must drink two litters a day.
There is no rule as to how much water you should drink.
There is no need to care about the quantity. Only thing to do is drink it constantly.

70% of a banana is water.
Remember that you can take water from daily meals and that the amount of water your body needs changes everyday depending on food you eat, temperature, humidity, body conditions, amounts of exercises and stress. If you stick to the amount, you will be more likely to get stress.
There is a reason you feel it is an overwork. Drinking without difficulty is the correct way.
Even water may be the cause of swelling or bad body conditions, if you drink too much.

Water can improve your palate.
Drinking flavored beverages daily may give you a dull palate, and you will not be satisfied without eating a lot.
At first you may feel bored, but once you get a keener palate, you can enjoy your meals more than before and be satisfied with less food.

In order to take more time for your stomach to rest, you should drink water.
It is OK to drink what you like, sometimes.

Eat as you like in lunch and dinner

Eat what you like.
Some choose smaller lunches, but you should eat as much as you like unless you don't feel too full in order to pace yourself.

Smaller lunches and lots of snacks will backfire.

If you wish to get a quick effect, Japanese food is recommended. Especially, eating more rice and less side dish is effective.
It is OK to eat another bowl of rice.

Having a snack time is OK.

There is no problem in eating snacks every day.
But eat only one kind a day. You can eat even a bag of snack a day.
Chocolate and Japanese sweets are recommended.

Take ice cream and dairy product away from your habit (OK to eat occansionaly).
If you feel like eating a lot, you should eat rice.

Want to eat snacks, but want quick effects?
Then eat one kind of fruit.
It will be nice to eat fruit in season or dried one.

Eat dinner early.

The main cause of obesity is late dinners.
Even if you eat bananas for breakfast, having dinner late at night will spoil them.

Late dinners cause a situation in which you fall asleep while your stomach is still working. That does not let you take a good night's sleep.
Without a good night's sleep, your fatigue will not be reduced. Without eliminating your fatigue, your body conditions will get worse, and you'll easily swollen or gain weight.

It is OK to eat a lot, as long as it is an early dinner.
Have dinner at least 30 minutes earlier than your usual dinnertime.
Somewhere around six, or eight at the latest, is the best time for dinner.
The later your dinnertime becomes, the less time you have for a goodnights sleep. Remember that you should have dinner around six. 30 minutes will make a difference.

Some of you may feel that you are too busy to do so, but just change the order of what you have to do. The time which takes to have a meal won't change anyway, so eat it earlier to refresh yourself.

Deep concentration only lasts for 30 minutes unless you really love it. In order to regain your concentration, I recommend you to have a dinner to relax yourself.

You should avoid eating desserts after dinner. You can enjoy sweets only during your snack time.
Eating desserts after dinner may cause the blood sugar level to go beyond the line that you should not cross. Remember the risks.

What if you want to eat something late at night?

First, drink some water. Only a bit will do. Don't gulp down, but swallow it slowly to relax yourself.

If you have enough dinner, a real desire for food won't come easily. If you can't feel relaxed and really want to eat fruit, it is OK as long as you limit it to one kind.
Chew it well. Let it digest quickly. Then, go to bed.

Since fruits have lots of digestive enzymes, when compared to meat, fish or grain, they are digested extremely fast.
Overweight is not caused by calorie intake, so there is no need to regret after the meal.
Be proud of yourself because you chose a goodnights sleep and prevented your health condition from getting worse.

Go to bed before midnight

Fatigue worsens your health.
Make a habit of going to bed before midnight. Getting rid of tiredness everyday makes your body easier to lose weight.
You can sleep well by going to bed with an empty stomach and eating bananas to remove tiredness.

Your health conditions will recover when you can sleep well. Therefore, without a good night's sleep, The morning banana diet will not be effective enough.

If you have to stay up late due to your business, we offer you two approaches to make The morning banana diet work.

First approach is to try to have dinner and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than your usual schedule. Think about how you can do it. It is definitely worth thinking about it.

The other is to change your lifestyle to become a day person.
If you are a night person due to your job, it may be difficult to change your lifestyle from tomorrow or the next week. But it can be possible if you plan it in the long perspective such as half a year or one year.

Business is important, but if it threatens your health very much, you can't keep it up. Fatigue keeps piling up both physically and mentally.
Even if the end is a year after, if you can see the end, you will feel a lot better.

If you can't fall asleep, loosely swing your arms and legs and roll your head around to remove tension.
Breathing long and slowly is also an effective way to relax.

By checking to see if any parts of your body (face, neck, shoulders, etc.) are tensioned, you may find some parts have unnecessary tension after a hard work.
When you feel tension, your muscles are stretched tight and the blood around it will not flow smoothly.

By relaxing your body and letting the blood flow smoothly before going to bed, the wastes in your body will be made into urine while you are sleeping.

How you wake up in the morning is important

Many of those who have a good night's sleep thanks to Asa-banana say that they naturally wake up before their alarm clock goes off.
Try waking up before your alarm clock starts ringing. If you don't need to use an alarm clock, sleep until you naturally wake up.

When you wake up by an alarm clock, your brain feels great stress.
Stress to the brain causes stress to the large intestine that has close relationship with the brain, and with the large intestine stressed and tensioned, you will not be able to have movements smoothly.

With a combination of bananas in the morning, water and relaxation, you will sweat more while sleeping.
After you brush your teeth, drink half or a cup of water. This is just a rough estimate, so you don't need to force yourself to drink.

Your room is filled with carbon dioxide because of breathing while sleep. When you wake up, breathe out slowly. After you have breathed out all the air in your lungs, breathe in some fresh air from outside.

Have an exercise when you feel like doing it. Don't do anything painful.

If you are far over the average weight, you may damage your knees.
When you do exercise too hard or for a very long time, you will give your knees greater pressure than people with an average weight. That may cause injury.

Appropriate exercises are good for both health and diet, but tough exercises can be bad for both.
There are reasons why you feel it tough, and you won't feel tough if it is good for you.

We recommend light exercises that would be refreshment, something you won't run out of breath with and something that doesn't seem it would ever burn any calories.
In fact, easy exercises that seem they wouldn't burn any calories, like swinging your hand, may contribute to losing weight.

What if you drink or eat too much?

Don't do any exercise and take a rest till the next day. Let your internal organs get rid of their fatigue to make your body easier to lose weight.

There is a limitation of how much energy you can use a day. If you have eaten too much, what you need is a rest, not an exercise, because a lot of energy is used to digest food.
Your body may gain a kilo or two temporary, but if you take enough break, you will return to your original weight in a few days thanks to Asa-banana.

Eating too much and working too much would wear out your body. Since you sweat a lot, you may lose some weight, but fatigue piles up in your body, which makes you easier to gain weight.

Let's keep an open diet diary

By keeping a diet diary in mixi or in your blog, people will cheer you up and give you advice. Moreover you'll be encouraged.
It doesn't have to be long. Just write what you ate, what you did, and what you felt.

You cannot make progress by regretting the past.
It'll be nice if you have a small milestone of what to do tomorrow.
Let's make one small step forward every day.
Even if the step is small, if you continue it for a hundred days, it will become a big progress.
Set a small goal and achieve it every day to gain power and confidence.
Setting a concrete goal is the secret of success regardless of your age or your achievements.

By making your actual weight public, you can show everyone how serious you are, and more people will cheer you up. If you really don't want to do it, there is no need for it, but remember that there is a benefit in doing so.

You need to let the public to see your journal in order to receive precise advice. Someone may find something that you don't notice. So let's open up your diary.

As well as your eating habits or exercises, stress and sleep influence your diet.
You can make a body that is hard to gain weight, even if you eat a lot.

How you live today not only affects your health and weight of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but it also affects your skin and body conditions of a month later. Compare a moment of pleasure with long-term happiness from tomorrow, and choose what you want to achieve.
You can lose weight without any patience, if you keep in mind the timing and frequency of meals.
Do all you can do without difficulty today.

If you put things off, they accumulate and make you hurry or make mistakes that lead to fatal consequences.
Do what you can do now. Putting things off brings stress, and stress worsens your body conditions, poor conditions lead to obesity.

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