2. Effects


A diet without patience?!
If you can't believe it, read their blogs.
Like other diet methods, we cannot guarantee a 100% effect, but more than 400 people have succeeded.

May 27, 2007
Ms. N

Long time no see!

Nearly a month has passed since my wedding ceremony finished.
I lost one more kilo and stay within the 53 level!
Since I started The morning banana diet from last October, I finally lost 10 kilos in seven months!!

My husband is having the same meals too,
and lost weight by three kilos in these two months. (173 cm, 68 kg)

It's just as I thought. Asa-banana is great.
I'll continue this method.

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Apr. 14, 2007
Ms. M

It's been about a month since I started The morning banana diet.
My bowels are surely getting better.
I'm fair-skinned by nature, but it seems I've got even fairer.
My skin has become clearer. No doubt.
I don't think I get fat even if I eat awful lot of food (I can't believe it as a diet freak).
I really feel joy of eating. It's only in lunch, though.
I'm happy everyday.

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Mar. 8, 2007
Ms. B

I lost 13 kilos as of March 8.
If I keep tenths place secret,
I lost weight from *7 kg to *4 kg!!

My weight doesn't get down sharply maybe because I eat too much between meals.
I want to focus my mind to slim down.

At last, I can take my jeans off with all buttons and zipper fastened.

I recommend my friends to go on The morning banana diet, but the effect seems to differ from person to person.
I hope I can give you good news next month.
By the way, I still remain chubby.

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Oct. 7, 2006

I cannot help binging on food.
But I've lost two kilos with a two-week Asa-banana diet!!
Any kinds of diet except this one were not effective for me. I ate four donuts and meat-sauce spaghetti for lunch, curry and rice, half rice omelet and half salad for dinner.
As it says I shouldn't hold myself back, I eat as I like in lunch and dinner. And still I can lose weight.
I'm very happy about it.
I'm not sure I can continue everyday, but I want to keep up this diet.

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Sep. 19, 2006

I started The morning banana diet two month ago.

I came to have a movement at about the same time period everyday.
My weight went down, too.

But to my biggest surprise, my taste has changed.
Naturally, I eat less and less snacks and oily food, which were once my favorite, and I inclined to eat more Japanese dishes.
I couldn't be more surprised. Probably this is because of my age…

I continue to make efforts! I don't have to spare that much energy, though…

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Sep. 20, 2006
Ms. A

It's been only three days since I began The morning banana diet. I had a motion for two days straight from yesterday. Today, I had two motions…

I've been reeeeeeally suffering from constipation.
Sometimes I didn't have any movements for a week. I even had times when I got sick.
I have a part-time job, and every time the stool test day approaches, I was wondering how I could get a bowel motion. But,


And smoothly,

My bowels moved!

I have three bananas and three-litter water every morning (although this varies a lot from each day).
Other than that, I have normal meals. I even ate fast food.

My weight hasn't changed yet, but I think I can naturally lose weight as I have this many motions everyday.

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