2. Book Description

Book Description

Asa-banana diet

The morning banana diet is a collection of easy ideas from the preventive medicine, which my wife, Sumiko, has studies for a long time as a pharmacist.
What is important in diet is that you can easily continue to maintain your shape, weight and body fat ratio in a good state.
There are myriads of information about health and diet.
Asa-banana diet is based on the concept of no more patience, no more expenses and no more wasting time.
It aims to provide the way to lose weight with least possible burdens.

Diet is not training. Human body prefers something good for health.
If you believe you need patience in losing weight, you should try the Asa-banana diet and actually experience its effect. And we hope this book will deepen your understanding on the reason why our method is effective and the gap between common views and the latest preventive medicine.

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